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A career involves much more than a job.


It's about mission, self-discovery, how we focus energy to be of service and offer valuable, societal contributions. A job can be one feature.


For this reason, each newsletter commits attention to a specific career element. 

Click the links to visit each page.

The first creation.

The LinkedIn platform hosts all newsletter content for direct audience engagement. Currently with 1000+ subscribers. Readers can enjoy the work in text form.

Mindset & professionalism.

Career Mind invites readers to explore how career, vocation, mission and inner development fuse. Work and life are often pushed as separate entities but they don't have to be when there's authentic purpose.

Wisdom, the most valuable asset.

(S)eeing (A)dvantages (G)ained from (E)xperience is my take on wisdom's place in the 21st century, and the means to cultivate it in a world with abundant information. Wisdom is at once the great equalizer, competitive edge and necessary work-life element.

Leadership, studied and embodied.

The Files present the case that leadership is an energy that can be stimulated and strengthened. Different from a title or organizational rank, the leader can exist without the rank but can ascend to it. The newsletter explores how budding leaders can recognize the energy in themselves and grow.

Coaching = empowerment art form.

Coaching techniques produce effectiveness while philosophy imbues the coach with understanding. Combined, they're capable of:

for clients - clarity, self-empowerment, aspiration, self-awareness.

for coaches - vision, influence, unique strength emergence. 

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