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"Become the ultimate artist. Create yourself." - TR

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All life activities require meta-skills. 

At the foundation of every expression is a meta-skill, a capability enabling others to come alive. 

To become an effective professional,  knowledge of the profession isn't enough. To perform, the profession's meta-skills are also necessary. When the meta-skill is awakened, it can be applied to any profession or life experience requiring it. 

For example, persuasion is a meta-skill. With it, you can enter any sphere involving persuasive skills.

If you have a powerful memory, all domains needing such a memory are yours to enter.

The more meta-skills developed, the more capable you are.

This approach flips the focus from the job to the skills, and from the skills to the meta-skills.

Instead of just blindly searching for the job, you identify existing and desired meta-skills, and then the role.

Through this discovery, you may realize the role doesn't yet exist. With your meta-skills, you can create it.

Education is needed: to know what the meta-skills are, how to develop them, their reversals when in excess and the adversaries blocking their ascent.

Below are currently 19 meta-skill cards. Click the gallery to view all.

Soon to come: explainer videos guiding on each skill.

 Meta Skill #1 - Self-Awareness


Meta Skill #2 - Creativity


Meta Skill #3 - Resilience


Meta Skill #4 - Curiosity


Meta Skill #5 - Meta-Cognition


Meta Skill #6 - Indomitable Spirit

Indomitable Spirit

Meta Skill #7 - Self-control


Meta Skill #8 - Curating


Meta Skill #9 - Eloquence


Meta Skill #10 - Openness to Experience

Openness to Experience

Meta Skill #11 - Networking


Meta Skill #12 - Ambition


Meta Skill #13 - Fudoshin


Meta Skill #14 - Gong Fu

Gong Fu

Meta Skill #15 - Nunchi


Meta Skill #16 - Empathy


Meta Skill #17 - Cultural Competence

Cultural Comprehensiveness

Meta Skill #18 - Service Orientation

Service Orientation

Meta Skill #19 - Initiative


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