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your business is your Mind.

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Career Development

The Short Story

My career developed in education and edtech. When I started this path about 12 years ago, I observed there was a broad disconnection among educational concepts, career development and their practical application for learners.


Before my first career advisor role in 2012, I was already having in-depth conversations with adult learners about life, the world, many interests, always tied back to learning and inevitably where people wanted to take this knowledge professionally. Turned out that many learners cared about their self-actualization as much as degrees but lacked institutional channels to facilitate this growth.

Educational institutions are challenged to teach learners how to merge career development skills with self-development practices. This is where my work and others like it enter.


Whether with an organization or through my creations, the goal is the same: empower adult learners with clarity and understanding of their power for self-directed growth, to become more and carry that strength into purposeful careers.

Career Mind is for the early-career adult and professional career changer who understands purposeful work is first an inside job.

The Energy

"Where do I even start with my recommendation here? Sometimes in life, you just get fortunate to meet people who inspire you and empower you to be the best version of yourself. For me, having had Trent as my manager, but above all, my mentor, has been one of those instances. First and foremost, Trent is an incredible career coach. He can find the right approach with every single student and alum. I have spoken with students raving about his ability to listen, understand, give feedback, and inspire taking that next step outside of the comfort zone.


As someone who has worked under Trent's management, I absolutely can confirm all. Trent's presentation skills are out of this world, and throughout our time working together, I've never not learned something new while observing his presentation. If I have to describe his management style, I would say that under his guidance, I have always felt safe, and knowing the team will be well taken care of, our opinions will be listened to and respected, and we will, no matter the external circumstances, navigate changes.

However, above all, Trent is truly a Mentor anyone would be lucky to have. He has inspired me to pursue my interests, in particular in writing, and for that, I will be forever grateful. Trent has opened my eyes about all those talents that one should not be afraid to invest in, prompting not only professional, but also personal growth. To say that any team will be fortunate to have Trent on their team, would be an understatement. Truly one of a kind."

- Magdalena Lynch, Connecting People & Opportunities || Career Success Coach at Fullstack Academy

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